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Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce

Cleaning-related services are a fast growing sector of the economy. This sector uses advanced technologies and special equipment. In the age of enormous investments by real estate developers, commercial and residential properties must be maintained at very high standards, including protection against germs. This requires advanced technological solutions from providers of cleaning and hygiene services.

PIGC supports the growth of our member businesses.
We offer a number of initiatives, training courses and industry meet-ups. We work with property management companies and their owners to work out the most effective ways to meet the expectations of our members’ customers.
We provide training for all levels of staff who work in the cleaning and maintenance sector.

We distinguish the industry’s best businesses and managers with renowned awards.
We organise the cleaning industry’s trade fair, attended by current and potential invite customers, such as investment funds, maintenance managers, administrators and property owners.

Współpracujemy z organizacjami przedsiębiorców – Krajową Izbą Gospodarczą i innymi celem wypracowywania wspólnych opinii i inicjatyw mających wpływ na zmianę przepisów prawnych wspierających przedsiębiorców branży utrzymania czystości.
We publish “Forum Czystości”. This magazine raises the popularity of our industry and takes up the latest developments of cleaning technologies. Furthermore, it discusses ongoing legal changes that impact our industry and member businesses. (PIGC members are offered advertising discounts).
Współpracujemy z największą branżową organizacją na świecie – ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA).

We provide legal assistance to all our members, represent their commercial interests before government bodies and local authorities, as well as before the National Chamber of Appeals in disputes related to public procurement procedures.

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