A certificate awarded to outstanding cleaning and hygiene service providers by the Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce (PIGC) and TÜV, an international quality certification organisation. It confirms the holder meets a number of European quality requirements for the offered products and equipment as well as the level of staff qualifications. A business certified “Cleanliness and Hygiene Guarantor” is perceived as trustworthy by its customers and holds a stronger position in negotiations. It is also helps customers find a reliable services provider. The Cleanliness and Hygiene Guarantor certificate is recognised by the Public Procurement Department of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. It will be listed as a requirement in public procurement procedures.

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Nagroda dla firm przyznawana przez kapitułę Izby

„Golden BROOM

A prestigious award from the Board of the Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce given to individuals for noteworthy contribution to the growth and development of the cleaning industry.

Previous award winners include:

John P. Garfinkel – Dyrektor Wykonawczy ISSA w latach 1990-2015
Mark Armitage – Dyrektor ds. targów na terenie Europy w latach 1988 -2012
Jacek Męcina – Sekretarz Stanu w MPiPS w latach 2012 -2015

„Platinum Broom

The Platinum Broom Award was established by the Programme Committee of the the Polish Cleaning Association (PSC) to honour individuals with particular contribution to the growth of the cleaning industry in Poland. Candidates may be nominated by all national organisations and associations active in the field, as well as PIGC and PSC members. Each award winner automatically becomes a permanent honourable member of the Council of the Polish Cleaning Chamber of Commerce. The first and only Platinum Broom award to-date was given to Mr Marek Kowalski – President of PIGC, in 2009. 

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